Here’s why you MUST do this Core Workout!
The focus of this little trio of exercises is on activation of the muscles surrounding your Pelvic Floor whilst performing the exercise – this is NOT let’s try and hit fatigue during our core workout.
Regular core work should be done 3 – 4 times per week, even micro sessions like 5 minutes activation work can have a BIG impact on how your body functions.
Having core muscles that activate and stabilise you is crucial to your body functioning correctly and reducing your risk of things like lower back dysfunction and pain. Certain core muscles should activate and stabilise us during the initial phase of ANY movement – crucial for day to day activities and also sports performance.
READ that again as it could mean very little to you on the first read – but that is EVERY time you move, your core muscles should be working!
However, due to our lifestyle, too many of us have weak and under active core muscles which can lead to muscle and joint dysfunction throughout the ENTIRE body. Imagine something not doing its job properly (in this case your core muscles) something else will have to take up the slack, right? A classic example is the lower back,  the large muscles in this area become notoriously overworked due to a weak or underactive core which can lead to all manner of back problems.
Strong women need a strong core! So start today, right here right now!
This is a great workout to activate those erm underactive core muscles!
If you need us to check your technique on these exercises pop us a video of you doing the exercises and we’ll be glad to help.
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