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Qualifications are Internationally Recognised

  • OFQUAL Regulated Level 2 Gym Instructor qualification
  • OFQUAL Regulated Level 3 Personal Trainer qualification
  • OFQUAL Regulated Level 3 GP Referral qualification
  • OFQUAL Regulated Level 4 Specialist Exercise qualification
  • CPD Business Skills Course
  • CPD Program Design Course
  • CPD Level 2 Development Course
  • CPD Level 3 Development Course

*The OFQUAL regulated qualifications are 100% internationally recognised, REPS recognised and CIMSPA endorsed.

*Courses available NATIONWIDE.

*Meet a Pure Gym manager – PTA corporate partners. Pure Gym currently have over 220 gyms NATIONWIDE.

*0% interest payment plans available (no credit checks / guarantors).


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My fitness career started 12 and a half years ago after being made redundant from a job in accounting.  It’s funny how things work out and here I am 12 years on having started by working at a gym as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer when I first began.  I then moved on to

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Currently work in clinic as a Nutritional Therapist.

Currently working as a Personal Trainer in my fitness studio working alongside an excellent Physiotherapist team.

Currently working as a Massage Therapist in clinic and with around 10 companies supplying wellbeing services for their employees.

Set up an Education business and tutored students through their very own journey in becoming Personal Trainers.

And, now my current project building this website and trying to supply the best advice to women of all ages and physical levels to achieve the best health and body they can!

My points being that when I started I had no idea where I was going, I just loved the gym and sport in general!

And, it is genuinely the case that if I can do it (Mr absolute zero confidence when I first started) so can you!

Our Top Tips for Working in the Fitness Industry and…Working for Yourself!

  • Learn as much as you can in the fitness industry – it’s what you love isn’t it!
  • Be personable and be yourself with your clients and potential clients.
  • Keep your promises to your clients, if you said you would text the next day after a session then text – clients really appreciate it.
  • Keep up to date with the latest science – from reputable sources!
  • You might work for yourself, so think like a business and not just a Personal Trainer.
  • Study as much as you can on Marketing! Yes marketing! You are a Personal Trainer but you may also be self employed so understand how to market and promote yourself professionally.
  • My personal golden rule is….

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  • do something every day to bring in business, whether that is a few text messages or emails being sent out. Running a new advert, writing a blog etc, do something positive every day to bring in new business!
  • Never think I’ve got enough clients now! See above, always look for new business.
  • Think how to create a passive income.  That’s an income coming in when you go on holiday or sitting at home.
  • Be prepared to work hard and long hours at the start, may be for the first 12 – 18 months.  There’s no way around it, you have to work hard at the start.
  • Have as many revenue / client generating avenues as you can i.e working with a Physiotherapy team.
  • DO NOT GIVE UP!  I can’t tell you the number of times I felt like quitting for the first couple of years.  I’d gone from having a steady income to an income that I now had to generate! It takes time so stick at it!
  • Enjoy it, otherwise what is the point!

Who are PT Academy?

PT Academy are one of the leading suppliers of Personal Training Courses in UK.

Can I start working immediately once qualified?

Yes, you all set and ready to go whether at a gym or working for yourself.  You just need to have insurance and ensure you have a First Aid Qualification, this is usually a one day course.

Where can I study?

There are venues all across the UK.

Should I work for a gym or go freelance?

Your first big decision! Many new qualified Personal Trainers start at a gym to gain some experience and start building a client base.  But you really have some great avenues to explore! Personally, I’m freelance but still at the gym I started working at 12 years ago and every piece of work I have I can relate back to that gym! But of course many PT’s do extremely well setting up their own private business.

How much can I expect to earn in the industry?

Some PT’s in the public eye make an incredible amount of money but of course they tend to be the exception!  But with the right attitude, good business sense and drive to succeed you can make £30,000 – £50,000 pa

As this site is based on Female Health are the courses just for women?

No of course not! Refer your brother, cousin, partner, father or grand father to get their new career moving!

How do I study?

Yo will have several options but usually it’s a great mix of home study and training days at a PTA venue.