Do the Job you Love Every Day!

For 10 years I worked in finance but being honest I couldn’t wait to get out of the office and hit the gym at 5.30pm, and I mean right on 5.30pm.mI don’t remember ever staying a minute late! See finance was never for me, it was just a job. I always loved sport and exercise and by the timed I reached 25 I was training at the gym 6 days a week – looking back its where it all began for me.

I spent 5 years working for a rather large media company before being made redundant in 2006.  Not sure what my next step would be my supervisor said “why don’t you enrol on a Personal Training course, after all you are always at the gym!”.  So I did, along with a Sports Massage course.

However, once I had completed the course I had the small issue of plucking up the courage to find a job at a gym.  See, I wasn’t the super confident PT, in fact it took me a number of years to find my groove.  But by a stroke of luck, whilst taking some time off after my redundancy, I was at my usual gym having a mid morning workout and got chatting to the manager there.  He mentioned that the gym was looking for Personal Trainers and offered me something there and then.


There is Never a Perfect Time to Start

I started part-time at the gym, I remember my first shift and the manager said “you’re down to run an ab class in half an hour!” Wow! From sitting at a computer to running ab class for a dozen or more gym members! I guess I was in at the deep (ish!) end and had to roll with it!

Gradually some confidence came. I was working part-time for the gym, part time doing PT private sessions at the gym and also I found some private home clients via leaflet drops (facebook and instagram weren’t so big back then!)

At the same gym, I met the lady who ran the massage room at the gym and I started doing 1 -2 days per week Sports and Therapeutic Massage treatments.

It was hard work and long hours for the first few years but gradually it changed, I was able to manage my diary better and my client list was growing. Also, at this time I was beginning to work with some local companies running wellbeing and massage days for their employees.

However, in 2008 I began to realise I needed to offer my clients better nutritional advice so I enrolled on a 2 year diploma in Nutritional Therapy.  This enabled me to work in clinic with clients with health issues such as IBS, fatigue and diabetes.

I now had three services that all tied in together: Personal Training, Massage Therapy and Nutritional Therapy.

Today I still do some work as PT, Massage Therapist and Nutritional Therapist as well as trying to bring my vision for this site together!

I have also worked as Tutor and Assessor for PT Academy and other education providers for several years which was great seeing new PT’s take their first step in to the industry!

I truly believe you can have a great career in the fitness industry, but you need to be patient. I did have to “grind” for several years at least (everyone does thats self employed) but I always believed that I could have the right job, with the right income, doing the hours I wanted.  I’m fairly close to that now and I hope I can help you take your first step too!