My Top Tips for Life as a Personal Trainer!

  1. Continue your education and learn as much as you can in the fitness industry – it’s what you love, isn’t it!
  2. Be personable and be yourself with your clients and potential clients.
  3. Walk a thousand miles in your client’s shoes. Every programme you create or advice you give to a client see it from their perspective and make it work for them.
  4. Keep your promises to your clients, if you said you would text the next day after a session then text – clients really appreciate it.
  5. Keep up to date with the latest science – from reputable sources!
  6. You might work for yourself, so think like a business and not just a Personal Trainer.
  7. Study as much as you can on Marketing! Yes, marketing! You are a Personal Trainer but you may also be self-employed so understand how to market and promote yourself professionally.
  8. My golden rule is….do something every day to bring in business. Whether that is a few text messages or emails being sent out, running a new advert, writing a blog, etc. Whatever it is, do something positive every day to bring in new business!
  9. Never think that you have enough clients! See above, always look for new business.
  10. Think about how to create a passive income.  That’s an income coming in when you go on holiday or are sitting at home.
  11. Be prepared to work hard and long hours at the start, maybe for the first 12 – 24 months.  There’s no way around it, you have to work hard at the start.
  12. Have various revenue/client generating avenues.  I personally have several, not too many that I spread myself too thin, but several so I’m not overly reliant on one area. However, I work on just one area at a time, I ensure that area is working fairly well and then move on to the next project – all health and fitness related though!
  13. DO NOT GIVE UP!  I can’t tell you the number of times I felt like quitting for (at least!) the first couple of years.  I’d gone from having a job with a steady income to an income that I now had to generate! It takes time so stick at it!
  14. View your role as being able to help people, not selling PT sessions. Help people first and then you won’t have to sell to them, people buy from genuine people.
  15. Enjoy every day, otherwise what is the point