You, yes you! Stuck at your desk all day, did you know that “use it or lose it” is scientifically proven?

The researchers call it “Reversibility” so you must keep your body moving and muscles stimulated!

Sitting down all day creates 2 things: tightness in the back and hips and underuse creates muscle weakness – and nobody needs that on top of everything else right now!

So, grab a mat and crank out a few sets of this exercise. It’s one of my favourites as it hits the muscles in the bum and also those very neglected hamstrings! Both are needed to keep everything strong and pain-free in your back and hips.

And, if you are a runner or play any sport then you should be doing this exercise a couple of times a week!

This will get you started:
Beginners 3 x 20 second holds with 20 seconds rest
Intermediates 3 x 30 second holds with 20 seconds rest
Advanced – 2 x 40 second holds with 20 seconds rest.
Plus 2 x Single Leg 20 second holds. Other leg rests while the other works!

To see the full home hip and core workout click here: https://elixan.co.uk/super-strong-hips-core-at-home/

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