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Gut Transformation Programme.


The Nutri Gut Transformation Programme

Please contact me directly for more information. This programme is not sold generically but as a 6 week fully supported programme.


Your Gut is Responsible For:

70- 80% of your Immune System is housed in your Gut.

Areas Bacteria Influence:

  • Recurrent Infections
  • Auto-immune Disorders
  • Mental Health
  • Bowel Disorders
  • Skin Health
  • Allergies

Improving your Gut Health should be your No 1 priority.

Here are the 5 clinical steps you need to take to improve repair your gut health.

  • Probotix Daily Live 5

  • Ultra Probioplex IB

  • Ultra Probioplex Non Dairy (Powder 50g)

  • Ultra Probioplex Non Dairy (60 Capsules)

  • Ultra Probioplex™ Plus – 60 Probiotic Capsules

  • Ultra Probioplex™ Plus – 30 Probiotic Capsules

  • Ultra Probioplex™ Duo 30 Probiotic Capsules


Why is Gut Bacteria so Important?

Everything you need to know about your Gut Microbiome and Gut Bacteria!

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6 Week Gut Transformation Plan

My goal is to reduce or eliminate your digestive issue so you can improve your life and be able to enjoy social occasions and work worry-free.

The basis of this programme is generic and based around the FODMAP diet but it is never sold as a generic "off the shelf" programme. I take the basis of this programme and then we work together to personalise it and make it work for you which is why you have a consultation before you make a purchasing decision

I gained my Diploma in Nutritional Therapy in 2008.

To ensure this programme is right for you, this programme is only offered after a 60 Minute Consultation (via Zoom / Skype). You are fully supported and guided through the entire 6-week programme via consultations, telephone and email.

What's Included in the Programme?

*3 x 1 hour Skype / Zoom Consultations:
The first consultation provided without charge to establish if the Gut Programme is ideal for you. 2nd Consultation is at the midpoint of the programme and 3rd consultation at the end of the programme.
* 1 x 15-minute telephone call each week to assess progress
* Email/text support throughout the week to answer any questions
* Food List, Recipes, Menu Planners, Shopping List, Supplement Protocol
* 5 Supplements (these last entire 6 weeks)

Contact Me Today to Begin Your ProgrammePrice: £450

Every gut is different so there is no one-size-fits-all and therefore everyone presents with different symptoms and underlying causes that need investigating.

We are colonised by Millions of Bacteria, it starts from our very first breath.

Does your gut have the right balance to keep you fit and healthy?

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