Welcome to "Core One"

How to use the Programme

Step 1: Watch the Core Activation, Neutral Spine and About Core Videos.

Step 2: Work on activating your TA.

Step 3: Begin working through the 8 “Core One” Exercises.

Step 4: When ready, progress on to the workouts below.

Step 5: Walk around smugly with an awesome core! 😏👀

Let's Get Started!

Before you move on..

Do you understand the Core?

Can you activate your TA?

Do you understand the Neutral Spine position?

Exercises 1 - 4

Key Points:

Maintain Neutral Spine

Maintain Hip Alignment – avoid hips sagging  / dropping down to the side

Contract that TA!

Key Points:

Squeeze bum / hips up as high as you can

Control movement back down

Adjust distance from heels to bum to make exercise harder or easier

Key Points:

Really good exercise for back strength

You might start working just one arm and leg at a time before progressing on to double arm and double leg

Remember, keep a nice controlled movement back to the floor:-)

Key Points:

Maintain Neutral Spine

Keep body weight over shoulders, shoulders in line with wrist.

Bum / hips not too high or too low just about neutral to shoulders

Contract that TA!

Exercises 5 - 8

Key Points:

Imagine “pulling’ through your Abs to lift your legs – NO swinging of legs!

Start with one foot on the floor througout exercise to begin activating those Ab muscles!

When ready, progress on to the harder “scissor” movement version

Key Points:

Simple introduction to rotational core movements

Find the point of tension on your Abs

Contract TA throughout!

Moving on to a dynamic exercise!

You should be able to contract your TA by now!

Contract TA whilst working on your Squat!

Key Points:

Good core and upper bodyweight exercise

Perform quality Press Ups on your knees before attempting full Press Ups

Big focus on maintaining neutral position in neck throughout exercise

Ready for a Workout?!

We encourage everyone to do this workout, it’s just great for reducing / reversing that horrible hunched over posture we all end up in and building a strong back, neck and hips!

Bird Dog: 16 reps (8 each side)

Superman: 16 reps (or 8 each side if performing alternate arms & legs)

4 Point Hold: Hold for 20 – 30 seconds

Glute Bridge: 20 Reps

Rest for 60 seconds

Repeat 3 – 5 times

Perform 2 -3 times per week

A great little intro to building strength your legs, hips and Abs!

Squats: 15 reps

Russian Twists: 18 reps

Glute Bridge: 15 reps

Leg Raises: 16 reps

Rest for 60 seconds

Repeat 2 – 3 times

Perform 2 – 3 times per week

A flat stomach comes from strengthening your core and back (not thousands of Ab crunches!) and then of course burning body fat😉.

4 Point Hold: 30 seconds

Superman: 30 seconds

Leg Raises: 30 seconds

Bird Dog: 30 seconds

Russian Twists: 30 seconds

Rest for 60 seconds.

Repeat 3 – 5 times

Perform 2 – 3 times per week

Time to crank things up a bit with this calorie-burning core conditioning workout!  Just maintain perfect form and technique of course!😀👍.

Press Ups: 45 seconds

Rest for 20 seconds

Squats: 45 seconds

Rest for 20 seconds

4 Point hold: 45 seconds

Rest for 20 seconds

Leg Raises: 45 seconds

Rest for 20 seconds

Russian Twists: 45 seconds

You can of course rest during the 45 seconds if needed😀👍.

Rest for 60 seconds

Repeat 3 times

Perform 2 -3 times per week

Bonus Workouts!

These workouts are some that we have posted across social media and in our blogs over the last few months. Some different exercises to those in “Core One’ and these workouts are quite intense and advanced, but when you feel the time is right, feel free to give them a go!

5 Rounds of Core Work!

A Core Workout we should all be doing!

Here’s a simple but challenging Ab Blast – enjoy!