Why should there just be one way of doing things?  It doesn’t make any sense to us after we are all so very different.

We all have different body’s, goals and lifestyles and therefore different needs so how can anyone throw a one size fits all blanket over all that!

Our goal is to teach you the concepts of training and nutrition; everything you need. How you implement them in to your lifestyle is the key part to you really achieving your health, fitness and body shape goal!

With any change don’t aim for perfect just aim for a positive change.  Take one initial step, then another and another and we will try and help you along the way.

What we do at Elixan

  • We are a team of Nutritional Therapists, Personal Trainers and Strength & Conditioning Coaches who want to find you the perfect way to achieve your goals.
  • Whether you are busy mum who has 20 minutes a day to exercise at home or a gym addict who trains 5 – 6 times a week,  we will have you covered!
  • Intuitive eating is really your goal but it takes time to reach that stage so an understanding of calories and the impact food choices have your body are crucial
  • Exercise (programmes if you are following one!) should be about you gaining confidence, having fun, achieving new skills and building a strong, functional body – and of course a body that you’re aesthetically happy with.
  • Ultimately you should be achieving goals with the programme you follow.  Sounds obvious but how many of you actually are?
  • We supply Nutri supplements which are excellent, high quality supplements delivered to your door to make taking care of your health simple and care free.
  • Our simple monthly essential supplement package is a quick couple of clicks away and provides you with an excellent range of nutrients needed for optimally daily function and performance.