Everything starts with your intestinal tract health, it regulates your immune system, absorbs nutrients from your food and produces hormones that affect your mood add in more.

Health of the future is going to be based around your gut health.  As a Nutritional Therapist its the first thing I learned about and how dysfunction in the gut will impact, often severely, every aspect of your health.

Composed of billions (check its not trillions!) bacteria termed your gut microbiome, we call your gut your “nutritional core”, and if its not working properly improving your health, losing weight and reducing your risk of disease will be impaired.

It’s the very first area you work on when wanting to lose weight or improve your wellness.

Signs your gut health is not performing correctly is not just linked to those easily recognisable symptoms such as bloating, wind, water retention, lose stools or constipation etc but also now linked to auto immune problems, fatigue, mental health problems, hormonal imbalances, food cravings and food sensitivities etc etc.

Gut bacteria begins to form as the mother gives birth and then everything we breath, eat and drink continually impacts and shapes our gut bacteria.  And, as we mentioned above this gut bacteria then impacts on every aspect of your health.

This is how intestinal problems occur, EVERYTHING  you eat and drink changes your gut bacteria.  Gut bacteria consists of many different types of bacteria some of which effect us positively and others that effect your negatively.  Maintain this balance is key but often our lifestyle and diet creates an environment where the good bacteria diminish and bad the bacteria flourish.  This is how our health can become impaired.

The gut can become inflamed, the walls of the gut can become damaged which can lead to the host of problems we have mentioned.

My personal favourite and the most important supplement that I take is Ultrprobioblex Non Dairy Capsules.  I take a minimum of two day (more if more diet has been less than optimal that day) and they have had excellent impact on my energy levels by rebalancing my gut bacteria.

We can’t over state the importance of working on your gut health.  We call it your nutritional core and its absolutely vital to every aspect of your health.

5 Key Steps to Improving your Gut Health





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